Case Study - The Log

TAP won the contract to relaunch and publish The Log, the membership magazine of BALPA (The British Airline Pilot Association). BALPA is a trade union and the professional body for UK commercial pilots.

The Log is authoritative and highly credible with an accessible style and fresh design. The title informs members on: developments within the profession and industry; developments within BALPA and crucial aviation issues as well as lighter industry related issues.

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The Log also provides a forum for comment so the magazine engenders strong reader interaction. 92% of readers responded positively to their relaunched membership magazine. In addition The Log raises significant revenue – we had more than doubled advertisement revenue within Year One, as well as introducing additional revenue streams for BALPA. We continue to hit aggressive targets.

Testimonial Quote

"TAP offers us a full contract publishing solution for the production of our membership magazine, The Log. The magazine is always produced on time, on budget with a strong and creative ad sales team supporting. TAP manage the sensitivities of our Trade Union's membership magazine with great care and above all have created a magazine which is extremely popular with our members.

Sonia Villareal-Stevenson,
Acting Head of Marketing & Communications, BALPA

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