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Member of the PPA
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The site TAP created for Luckley-Oakfield private school allows teachers and student users to make changes and updates with little or no training. Web content management systems are a tool for non-technical administrators.

Objectives Acheived?
– Develop an international online creative concept.
– Conversion of online surfers to physical visitors.
– Provide a hub for all the information about school events.
– Inspire visitors about the school and academic success.
– Put the site at the heart of the overall school experience.

CMS: The entire site is content managed by the client. They are able to add, edit or remove any text and pictures they wish without any coding knowledge.

Parent Login: A secure area of the website where parents can login to access school communications, homework timetables and forms amongst other things.

Calendar: The client changes all upcoming events and term dates for parents and students to access at anytime from anywhere.

Flash: Adobe Flash was used to create large slideshows of the wonderful, specially shot, photography.

Search Engine: A full search system was implemented to give instant access to specific information within the site.

Directions: Google's API map was utilised to let visitors explore, download or print directions.

Childrens Work: Galleries Sections such as the Art page were given their own gallery for those times when small pictures weren't doing justice to the images.

Testimonial Quote

"We are extremely pleased with our new website and have received so much positive feedback about the look, content, features and functionality. Compared with our old site we have seen huge increase in unique visitors and enquiries. With the Ad Plain you can be confident that you are in the hands of professionals, who will dedicate time and energy to your project. I don't hesitate in recommending them."

Claudia Clarke - Luckley Oakfield

Applied Services

Website Design
Website Build
Content Management
Flash Design
Events Calender
Google Interactive Map
Newsletter Subscription
Site Search
Parent Private Login Area

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