Member of the PPA

Member of the PPA
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Global Agency Network
TAP has been accepted into the Comvort global agency network giving us greater resource and a truly global coverage. Comvort is the world’s largest network of privately owned agencies. This means all are members because they hit certain levels of excellence and they are members by choice and not because they are part of a particular holding company or group.

Comvort now allows TAP to further support the international client base and offer excellent service and value anywhere in the world, "think global, act local”.

Network in numbers.
• 170+ marketing offices
• 7,000+ employees
• 50+ languages
• 5,000+ clients
• 6,000+ brands
• 1,1+ billion US$ revenue
• 7,000+ employees
• 60+ countries

All ComVort agencies are owner-operated and thus work without the pressure of shareholders and short term earnings requirements. Management decisions are not influenced by the politics or requirements of a large holding network and as a result ComVort agencies avoid high overhead expenses and operate more economically.

The ComVort Group offers clients a broad spectrum of specialized solutions, unique, isolated marketing communication services from complete, end-to-end marketing campaigns. Multi-national clients demand and expect a full breadth of services from their global agencies. The ComVort Group is the only marketing communication organization that offers capillary services on a global scale. ComVort partner agencies work seamlessly with one another, cultivating close relationships between agency directors, for a smooth workflow.

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