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Our point of difference just got a whole lot bigger.

As you might have seen from our messaging, TAP has just been certified as a B Corp organisation. As a comms agency that specialises in agriculture & food production, we are immensely proud of our recognised point of purpose and we hope more will follow.



There is such an immense job to be done, and a need to shift attitudes towards our environment, employees… our people.

We are coming into an age when “profit first” organisations will be avoided by choice and green washing is being sniffed out a mile away.



It was only right that we categorically looked at what we were and where we were going.

The process is complex and we are immensely proud of the team who have helped with the successful application and those helping push TAP forward in such a positive direction. We are as good as our people.

All at TAP share a purpose led approach and have a reason to feel proud of being a certified B Corporation, which signifies the start of this necessary and fulfilling journey.


Our team on B Corp

To celebrate our amazing team, for a bit of fun we have created AI generated avatars which reflect our interests and beliefs as green explorers.

We also share what this important milestone means to us.


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Could this be you?

If you would like to join #TeamTAP, be part of our journey and help us write the next chapter, then we would be really pleased to hear from you.

If you are happy and motivated where you are, then that is great to hear.


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