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Drone Videography Services

In a world full of high-quality content, we believe in standing out. Drone footage offers a perspective on the world you might not have seen before. As the saying goes, the sky’s the limit.

The world from above

Viewing the world from above allows us to see things we wouldn’t normally notice on the ground.

That’s why at TAP we believe in delivering the bigger picture, and what better way to do so than offering drone footage.

Watch some of the footage we’ve captured to get a glimpse.

The Latest Kit

Capturing the highest quality footage is paramount when producing high-quality content.

We always shoot in 4k, which means the finer details in shots are never missed.

Using the latest kit means we can be more flexible in where we shoot, giving us the ability to offer a wider range of footage.

Drone Videography Services

Storytelling is at the heart of TAP & that’s why we believe adding drone footage to your content helps to make your story more impactful, giving your audience a different perspective.

Expanding your story

Giving your audience a different perspective can help to tell your story or message.

By including high-quality drone footage, you can create a bigger impact highlighting the scale and reach of your messaging, whilst also providing a clean, cinematic look that is bound to add that “wow” factor.

Drone Videography Services

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Drone Videography Services

We're fully Certified to fly

TAP specialise in High-Resolution High Definition aerial and ground imaging and videography. We are fully licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority with Permissions for commercial operations(PFCO), fully insured with Public Liability ensuring all CAA guidelines are followed.

Drone Videography Services