Plog Blog

At the time of writing this I have just completed my 240th Plog. If I am truthful, I thought I invented the concept a few years ago. I was out running one day (kickstarted by Covid boredom) and noticed how much litter there was around the place (and I live in the countryside). 

So I started picking it up along the way whilst jogging. Picking up litter + Jogging = Plogging, very simple.  But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a new idea - it actually transpires that the word “plogga” In Sweden combines jogging with litter removal and was thought of by one Erik Ahlstrom several years earlier.

I soon started to take a bag with me and now I can collect up to a carrier bag of rubbish every run. So I recon my 240 runs have collected a skip’s worth.  When I travel, I always try and sneak a plog in and do some good wherever I am (and another side effect of a plog is it makes you feel doubly virtuous after a run). My most memorable plog was meeting Arnie halfway across the the Big Four bridge over the Ohio River in Louisville (after visiting EQUIP). 

Arnie was also plogging! The only difference being he was picking up trash and I was picking up rubbish. And I managed to get a selfie with the lovely guy. He was good, the bridge was immaculate.

Plog Blog

When I heard the TAP team say they wanted to get behind plogging as part of B Corp Month I was delighted.  I would urge anyone who runs or walks to join our Plogging Strava group and share what they are doing.  Share a picture – feel good about what you are doing!

Let’s see how much rubbish (or trash) we can shift together (whether you are a “to hell with my time and collect a whole bag” or “just a couple of bits and a fast pace” type of person). 

If you are an organisation please, please share with your employees and beyond.  No strings, we just want to share this lovely concept (even if I didn’t think of it first).

Duncan Murray-Clarke - 12/02/24

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Colleen Shaw - Global Communications Leader, Nuseed

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Emma Ralph - Managing Director, Interagro

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Lupita Ayala - Deputy Director, Mexico Tourism Board

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Lucy Kane - Production & Marketing Coordinator, Monsanto

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Julian Gairdner - Co-chairman Oxford Farming Conference